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KBS 본사 여자화장실서 불법촬영용 카메라 발견…경찰 수사 서울 여의도 KBS 본사 사옥의 여자화장실에서 불법촬영에 쓰이는 카메라가 발견돼 경찰이 수사중입니다.

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Andrew Yang🧢🇺🇸

The other issues are training, demilitarization, community-based policing, civilian input and oversight, body cams…

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【韓国は分かっていない。 輸出管理は期限を区切ってどうこうするものではない→韓国の輸- 出規制撤回要求 きょう期限=日本側から回答なく 】 日韓の貿易管理当局間の間で、韓国側がシッカリと管理体制- を整備して、それに基づき、実績を積み重ね…

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Cartoonists of Color

RT @Nixcomics: Over 200 people have responded to my survey about comic artists and NPOs, but I'm worried that I am missing valuable input f…

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@piersmorgan where’s your input? Or are they only reserved for when you hate yourself for being in love with a blac…

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