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Hillary Clinton

Share this with any friends or family members who think their vote doesn't matter.

1 month ago

Joe Biden

You don’t need to be a Vice President or a podcast star to to make a difference in this election. Volunteer now,…

1 month ago


トルコ最大の都市、イスタンブールで開かれたファッションショ- ーの会場で、どこからか迷い込んだと見られるネコが突然、舞台- に現れ、モデルに合わせるように歩き出し、「本当のキャットウ- ォークだ」などと話題になっています。…

1 month ago

Andrew Wright

RT @RitaPanahi: Imran Khan has capitulated in the most cowardly fashion & caved in to the Islamist mobs. By banning Asia Bibi from leaving…

1 month ago

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