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David Corn just said ( he didn’t submit dossier to FBI with Simpson. Strzok’s claim (see be…

1 month ago

Larry Elder

But, they WON’T debate. Neither Mad Max, Jesse nor Sharpton will debate me despite many invitations. Why does the b…

1 month ago

Sean Hannity

On the absurdity of today’s Strzok hearing: @GreggJarrett + @SaraCarterDC + civil liberties attorney David Schoen l…

1 month ago

underrated Kanté

RT @Independent: EU warns member states to plan for 'no deal' Brexit following Theresa May's Chequers deal

1 month ago

Facts about the Royal Wedding

Did you know: opposite of the after-wedding the brides pastel father persuaded leucophanite environs nearest a cant…

1 month ago