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Zay Tiggy

Just gon take it one day at a time!

11 years ago

Bronwyn Becker

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it. Will a hipster still by the recording? The answer is yes. Lol

11 years ago

Big Red Bench

@RichieMooney he took a risk yes, but for massive financial gain. And that's all it was about at the end of the day.

11 years ago


RT @iansomerhalder: It's People's Choice Awards time again!Hate asking you to vote but its the only way;)We were so close last year-Than ...

11 years ago

Mirisa Klick

Why did I sign myself up for this? It's going to be a waste of time, I can tell

11 years ago

Paul McCunnell

@Robbo_Taylor stand there and demand it robbo

11 years ago

b e c k y☺

O m g it's so cold**❄⛄

11 years ago

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