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Dr. Rebecca Gilmour

RT @bunsenbernerbmd: Calling all Pets with names starting with H He Li Be B C N O F Ne - Reply with a photo and name of your pet to maybe be…

23 minutes ago

Christine Wesley

@MadScientistFF Probably B.J.'s wholesale warehouse. I'd buy bulk pet food and donate it to a shelter. $5,000 will…

3 hours ago

Choukri ⁉️

@l_1firmier @LaPetiteSatire @KaLeeVision Bien vu 👌 Et j'ajouterai qu'on peu aussi changer pet par un B aussi 🤣

8 hours ago

Evan Haveman

1. a (as in "cat") 2. e (as in "pet") 3. i (as in "kit") 4. o (as in "hot") 5. u (as in "put") 6. b (as in "b…

8 hours ago


Y'all forget meron talagang pet project si B Y J sa mga audition shows. Yes, she favors strong trainees, pero paran…

9 hours ago

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