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Sam Stein

We giggle because it’s Bornstein and of course his letter was ridiculous. But this should be a major scandal. A pre…

1 month ago

カードファイト!! ヴァンガード宣伝

【ヴァンガード アニメスタート記念Twitterキャンペーン】 1.当アカウントをフォロー&このツイートをRT 2.URLから応募! その場で当たるAmazon ギフト券1000円分の他、Wチャンスで大型テレビ等も!毎日参加可能で…

1 month ago

David Corn

You were briefed that the Russians were attacking the US election. Afterward, you repeatedly said this was a hoax.…

1 month ago

Miguel Bermejo H

RT @HTC_AshleyG2: Good morning! Here’s a few facts about myself! I have a black lab mix named Nala. I love to be outside swimming, hiking,…

1 month ago

Jimmy C Mathew

RT @DrAMSinghvi: Pm must get his facts right & his army of paid social media must feed him right facts. Decades after Cariappa’s return, ra…

1 month ago