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The Tory Party Chairman said people "can either cut their consumption or they can get a higher salary"

1 month ago

British Vogue

“It’s difficult not to see the racism or to explain away the vitriol for Markle – the droning, relentless persecuti…

1 month ago

Nick Cohen

Truss has no mandate from the voters. She has no mandate from the cabinet. She has no mandate from Tory MPs. She ha…

1 month ago

Sara Thornhurst Chart.PR

RT @UsdawUnion: Do you have, or have you had, #LongCovid symptoms? Complete @The_TUC and @long_covid’s survey on your experiences of work…

1 month ago

Naira Shafiipour

RT @Telegraph: ✍️"For most people, this is not the time to buy into 'quiet quitting' or 'anti-work' trends, but rather embrace the opposite…

1 month ago

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