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Jim Sciutto

This is not hyperbole. When Abu Ghraib photos emerged, US ability to call out abuse by Arab dictators diminished. W…

17 hours ago


can you tell if someone watches your story more than once? i'm asking for science not because i want to stalk someone.

1 day ago

Jamil Smith

This isn't about the feelings of those in the press. Banning non-sycophantic outlets is a shot at the public who reads and watches them.

18 hours ago


RT @BookOProverbs: For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the Lord , & He watches all his paths. Proverbs 5:21

23 seconds ago

Mekus Ratatouille

Who watches the watchmen?

27 seconds ago

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🌈 #RMusic @Wale

1 day ago

Butterwick Hospice

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with us in true Irish fashion at Ramside Hall on March 25th ☘

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RT @mylenemayy: Sa mga casual viewers, thank you very much appreciated niyo po ang McLisse sa mga scenes nila #PBBLiveDrama 🤗

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