Watches tweets

Tate Langdon

@malineEllysaAHS [He watches in wonder as you start to sing, smiling softly as he hears the notes]

11 years ago

Gwen Stacey

@ThePeter_Parker [she smiles a Ade watches Gwen]

11 years ago

Jennie Bo Bennie

She can't watch anything that has a villain, or conflict. She watches Sprout or Disney Princess Sing along.

11 years ago


@ShannynLouise21 I think your the only one that watches it :L

11 years ago


@RGharaballi I know!!! he watches me change as well it's weird I need to say خلي ولي

11 years ago

Pamela Watson

@officialtulisa Im suprised @Lord_Sugar even watches #XFactor, business must be slow....

11 years ago

doga capanoglu

RT @MikeStackpole: Father builds automated drone to watch son walk to the bus stop via @zite

11 years ago

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