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RT @Girl0fMinYoongi: Podrá este tweet llegar a 100 RT's y 10 comentarios? No pido mas bc no quiero hacer el ridiculo ahq @BTS_twt #Premi…

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RT @_Simplykpop: Fam, don't be sad that there's only one pic of #HOYA. This is all a test to check that your heart can handle his beauty b4…

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RT @HK_SnowRabbit: @Type58_Buckwhe ワイ、キノコ軍将官、BC兵器使用を決意。 キノコだけに菌糸- (禁止)兵器、なんちって。

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RT @Girl0fMinYoongi: Me voy a dormir. Si tuiteo a las 2 am es que soñé que no tenia dinero pal LY: tear y sus 4 versiones ahre que eso no e…

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에리 ℓ

RT @103oclock: Again, I know some people will read this w a close mind bc they're SET on not believing/understanding Chen. They will say na…

3 days ago

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