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The Labour Party

Tory MP @JohnnyMercerUK just called his own party a “s**t show” and said he wouldn’t even vote Conservative. Johnn…

15 hours ago

Labour Press Team

“Labour is committed to slamming shut the revolving door between politics and big business, which for too long has…

11 hours ago

Labour Press Team

The Tories aren’t going to use Brexit to rebuild Britain, warns @jeremycorbyn

1 day ago

Iain Morrison

RT @MakeVotesMatter: You don't fix a feudal society by becoming king; you do it by ending absolute monarchy You don't fix a broken democra…

3 minutes ago


RT @KateVasey: Universal Credit is pushing families into poverty. I stand with @uklabour – Universal Credit must be stopped immediately. Ag…

6 minutes ago

Latest tweets that mention “The Labour Party”

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