Latin Greek Words tweets

Kenny D.

Still irrationally annoyed at my art history teacher's pronunciation of Latin and Greek words. D:

9 years ago


"words like God/jesus are greek and latin" ikr

9 years ago


@flynnrita149 Once you've gotten over the words going in any order at all in the sentence, the shock has been survived. #Greek #Latin :)

9 years ago

Noel Praise Blaze

whn its all latin n greek... RT @Sleeky_Prince_ Writing medical terms on the phone and almost all the words are underlined... Lol

9 years ago

Mary Beth Callaway

@rebekah_danae yeah most of his grammer was wrong and he said there were two greek words to decribe dinosour when really they were latin...

9 years ago

$4V4G3 $4NDR4 SGT!

Have to do my greek and latin root words.

9 years ago


Words on that occasion in Latin, and that he wrote them down in Greek.

9 years ago

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