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wishing to be nothing

@Eremitpurpur Thanks. Sorry about that. I have heard that before. I don't know why it's been so difficult to stop u…

1 month ago

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Donald J. Trump

“At least two Memos Comey shared with a friend contained Classified Information.” Wall Street Journal

1 month ago

David Priess

Each president in this photo did things I disagreed with politically. Quite a lot, in fact, for most of them. And…

1 month ago

Candace Owens

Kanye West tweets 7 words and leftists rush to smear me as far-right & anti-LGBT. So what terrified them? The trut…

1 month ago

ShinEarly English Center

@Milikko Hi, Maki. Simply changing your mindset gives you the best chance to learn the language again. Everyone has…

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RT @DGortanutti: For all of us die only once, whereas great men die twice, once when they leave this world and the second time when their l…

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