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Jordan Schachtel

There's undoubtedly a connection btwn months long lockdowns & the mass looting. So many young, unemployed, poor kid…

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Kurt Schlichter

The people who haven’t learned are the limousine liberals who keep electing the leftists who empower the radicals

1 day ago

Ezra Levant 🍁

Why do you refuse to release the records of your limousine use? Is it because it was wasteful of taxpayer dollars?…

1 week ago


@greg_price11 The best part of this story is: taking a photo for Instagram and then jumping into her Mercedes. Limo…

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Seb 🔴⚫

RT @La_Pollice: #FierDeDefendreLesPoliciers, voir même les gendarmes, même si je ne sais pas faire la différence entre une limousine et une…

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