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Mark R. Levin

Chris Wallace tries to talk sense to Shep Smith, but Shep flips out

3 weeks ago

Robert Reich

We can no longer abide a president who uses hate as a political strategy and a news network that uses hate as a mar…

3 weeks ago

Dan Rather

FALSE EQUIVALENCE: equating shouting at politicians in restaurants (incivility with which I don't agree) with sendi…

3 weeks ago


RT @BunnyBoy_JK: ♥️Keeping Love Again♥️ ~28일까지의 입금 확인 메일 발송하였습니니다! 확인 안되시는 분이 계시면 DM주세요! ~28までの入金確認メール発送しました! 確認できない人はDMください!(個人購入) I sent…

3 weeks ago

Mike Soul

Make you money every day for the rest of your life #sales #marketing #earn #make #money #business #online #social…

3 weeks ago