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samuel bradley

@SalemPatel now that's what ya call a bday prezzy for neil lol, 3 points, 3 wins in a row, 10th at the moment, sweet x

6 years ago

Wes Johnson

@x_jadeywilson_x uuhhh... Clueless Wes? lol I'm bad at this

6 years ago

Edward wong

RT @STcom: #AFFSuzukiCup: Khairul Amri makes it 3-2 with a stunning free kick. Singapore 3-2 Laos.

6 years ago


@_Bran_don I always forget this lol! I just know that y'all are behind. What r u doing for ur birthday?

6 years ago

Roseee :

@Heidinorgrove I know don't remind me it's emotional lmaooo and I don't have a clue haven't even opened cards haven't moved still in bed lol

6 years ago

Beth Zabilka

@Michael_324 lol don't sweat it

6 years ago

Jordan McBride

@ColtWorld5 should be 60 here too lol

6 years ago

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