Lollipops tweets

Josie Michaels

The kid in me,we all had different color lollipops my friend had blue and someone asked how Papa Smurf was. I was LMAO!

6 years ago

Ashley ❀

These blue lollipops be the best. Thousandth one I had today

6 years ago

miranda ♕

yes I'm 20, yes I still ask for lollipops at the bank and YES they still give them to me ******

6 years ago


He practices on lollipops. Bet you his house is full of those.

6 years ago

Stealth Mountain

@lollipops_17 I think you mean "sneak peek"

6 years ago


yay!!!i got a lots of candies ,lollipops thx u!!!!!!!!

6 years ago


@danisnotonfire cus pringles are cool!!! all full of rainbows & unicorns, sunshine & lollipops & yummy goodness

6 years ago

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