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Well I just found a long-lost folder of screenshots I took from this forum, so here are a handful of example posts.…

2 days ago

Amanda Simpson

@Gids1980 @footballtyper He’s lost it, team and fans. Never felt so uninterested. Can’t wait to hear what comes out of the forum next week

2 hours ago

Harringay Online

New Forum Post: Photos potentially lost on SD memory card #fromthesite

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@sweetpavement @zorinlynx @textfiles They lost their consent in that regard when they WILLINGLY posted their material on a PUBLIC forum.

3 hours ago

Microsoft Support

@jesslucy97 Hi, Jessica! Thank you for reaching out. You can follow the steps posted by Darleen Pen on this page:…

3 hours ago

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George Takei

Trump said that what happened at the synagogue would have been prevented by an armed guard on site. And yet the gun…

1 month ago


Re:vale のお二人の新曲「激情」の作詞作曲を担当しました。編曲は鈴木Daichi秀行さん。ぜひお聴きください。 Re:vale|1st Album 収録内容一挙発表! | News | Lantis web site…

1 month ago

revista piauí

O artigo publicado por Fernando Haddad na piauí em 2017 está aberto no site para todos os leitores.

1 month ago

Kevin Cate

RT @electionsmith: Latest Daily (through Sunday morning) Cumulative Vote-by-Mail and Early-in-Person Ballots Cast in Florida, by Party, Rac…

1 month ago

ضاد العرب

⚘عَشِقْتُهُ وَلَنْ أَخْجَل ⚘ بقلم الشاعر المصري ✍ هَانِي غَرِيب // مجلة حورية الأدب

1 month ago