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Vivek Tejuja

2. Sawyer was a reader on LOST and I loved all that he read. Of course, there were more readers. Here is the LOST l…

10 hours ago

Jere Gobi

Lostpedia es, otra vez (¡otra vez!), en esta vida cíclica, mi página de internet favorita.

4 days ago


Lost é tão relevante que quando a gente coloca MEMBATA no google, a 1º coisa que aparece é um link do lostpedia.

5 days ago

The Wayward Son

@Mr_Sutil Lo que pasa que la peña no se molesta en mirar Lostpedia. Muchísimas cosas que parece que dejan en el air…

5 days ago

Sarah Eaglesfield

@BXBXBXBXBXBXB13 I want to revisit all my old Lostpedia posts, and see how horribly wrong I was 😂

6 days ago

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Piers Morgan

Just 3 days after Florida's worst ever school shooting....Floridians flood to a gun show to further arm themselves…

13 hours ago

Beto O'Rourke

You are outraising Ted Cruz without taking a penny from PACs, setting a national example for how to run a truly peo…

1 day ago


Originally planned to last 90 Martian days, called sols, @MarsRovers Opportunity keeps going and going with the 5,0…

1 day ago

Baliw sa MayWard

RT @AndyBarclayyyyy: Pwede pa bang sumali sa fandom ng MAYWARD? Iba to eh 😂💖💖

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squishy soo

@FlowerPrince_CY @exo_aeri_ @weareoneEXO I didn’t even know so many ppl bashed EXO & EXOLs on a daily basis until I…

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