Luke Brooks Dirty Imagines 2013 tweets

Ashley Killough

Spicer said this was the first time floor coverings were used on the national mall. I took this photo at the inaugu…

1 day ago

Jake Tapper

Fact check: True. Obama 2013: 20 million Trump: 31 million Also -- Obama 2009: 38 million

15 hours ago

Josh Marshall

Spicer said 2013 Inaugural metro use was 317k, lower than Trump's 420k. Actual 2013 number was 782k. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1 day ago


Here are all of the nations that incarcerate more of their population than the U.S.

17 seconds ago

میڈیا سیل ضلع سجاول

RT @snpak110: آل خلیفہ حکومت کے مظالم پربین الاقوامی برادری کی خاموشی شرمناک ہے:

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