Luke Brooks Dirty Imagines 2013 tweets

Rep. Eric Swalwell

Put this in perspective. @realDonaldTrump last visited Russia in November 2013, & was told by Russians they’d suppo…

1 day ago

Bleacher Report

Andre Drummond has rook Luke Kennard carry around a PS4 and two controllers so he can play Fortnite on the road…

20 hours ago

Steve Reilly

Eighteen different committees made payments to Cambridge Analytica totaling more than $16M from June 2014 to Decemb…

1 day ago

Dhaval Bhodia

RT @amishra77: Congress propagandists trying to drag BJP in the Cambridge Analytica scandal by linking a JD(U) guy (K.C. Tyagi's) son with…

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[SLOW]나중에 말할게요| 아발

RT @ech_jin: 도토리가방 사건정리 1. 시움믠님이 화보인건가 쨋든 그회사가 도토리가방으로 언급해서 도토리가방 실트 뜸 2. 아미들은 호셗이 평소에 도토리가방을 자주 착용해서 드디어 뜬건가 하시면서 실트 들어가심 3. 그걸 본 엑쬬엘들이…

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Jill S

RT @ryanstruyk: 70% of Millennial women (!) now affiliate with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic — up from 56% who did so in 2013, vi…

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