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RT @MagicOnline: The Season 1 2020 Magic Online Champions Showcase is almost here! In less than two hours, at 10 AM Pacific, at https://t.c…

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Charting is fun, but it is by no means an absolute indicator. On-Chain Analysis, I believe, gives us a better loo…

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Bella Goose

@belle_magic_ @Toxic_Martin_ @OliviaK1055 @KittyQTs1 @PlayAdoptMe I've heard that rubbish before and I refuse to ac…

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Silver Kayondo

Generally, I observed high SOP adherence especially in Fort-Portal town when I was there recently. However, SOPs ar…

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[공지] 2020 PENTAGON ONLINE CONCERT [WE L:VE] 긴급 연기 안내

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John Sipher

“... Biden, a state-college graduate who was once the poorest man in the U.S. Senate, is facing accusations of elit…

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RT @ElHustlxr: Cesc Fabregas vs Tottenham (2009/10 premier league season)

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@xiTigger @Plege Trading surge

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