Magnifying Glasses tweets

Bri†ish M☮ns†er

@jennigedney hahahaha :LL she only has a magnifying galss cuz she lost her glasses ;)

10 years ago


@ArtPopMonsterrr yes!!! Ahaha! Fly swots, magnifying glasses, toot horns! Wow our teachers are retarded!

10 years ago


I imagine all the employees of Scotland Yard have giant magnifying glasses, and wear bowler hats and smoke pipes. Am i stereotyping?

10 years ago

Roseanne Sessa

How do magnifying glasses affect the heat within an oven

10 years ago

Jennifer Emch

Lol watch as everyone breaks out their magnifying glasses to see the size 3 font on their cheat sheets. #lol

10 years ago

Slug Queen

Magnifying glasses are so interesting and they are underrated and unloved

10 years ago

Lindsay Tink

My mum has to look through a magnifying glass to read- think its time to admit defeat and get glasses momma.

10 years ago

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