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⬅골드애플 55+7연에서 S급 나옴

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1 month ago


クールジャパンだとかフィギュア萌え族(仮)だとかそんなチャ- チなもんじゃあ断じてねえ、もっと恐ろしいものの片鱗を味わっ- たぜ…」 - #日本鬼子

1 month ago

Tom Williams

Presumably this is what inspired Quebec's Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve

1 month ago


@y_maple_east 歌舞伎揚げなら2章ガリアのフリクエ、水曜の狂修錬場あたりで- しょうか(Wiki調べ

1 month ago

Matt Roberts 2.0

KES wiki article: Billy Bishop Toronto Maple Leafs, which helpless passivity is so excited!.

1 month ago

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