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@bootmanmstz Yeah, Sera Surfer likes this location. Never having to give 2 cards via Maximus until end of game is always a good deal.

11 hours ago

Segun Maximus-Vivour

RT @_DammyB_: Anybody telling you about virtual cards as of now is selling you dreams. Please no bother yourself.

1 day ago

❤ Red Mouse ❤

@HungMooseStudio @Markuss_Maximus @OmegaLuke It's fine, I'm keeping the cats in the divorce. And all your MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh cards

1 day ago


RT @dynastycards_: Ripped a case of 2022 Optic Football last night! Post your teams or players below and I will price out lots or individu…

1 day ago

Supreme Seedbank & Clones

@maximus_genetix @JBeezySJG We ship worldwide but for international no cards or crypto, wire transfer

2 days ago

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