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<a href=" "</a> モバスペで小説書いています 是非見- てください

1 hour ago

梦魔王×勇者@モバスペ 更新用だと- 思うよ? のんびり気ままにやるー。たまに忘れる(ダメじゃね- えか) だって人間だもの。 よかったら参考までにどーぞ( ´罒`*)✧" #モバスペ #モバスペBOOK

2 hours ago

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Dr David Frawley

Hemu almost defeated the armies of young Akbar, or Akbar would have never ruled India. An error to his eye turned t…

1 month ago

Stephen Miller

Government error was also to blame in Charleston background check. Maybe government incompetence is the problem?

1 month ago


RT @SenGillibrand: No excuse for this. I'm calling on the Department of Defense to audit old case files to prevent this deadly error from h…

1 month ago