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@SaraJBenincasa I know you probably know this but ours are called seasons bc of the traditional broadcast tv season…

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Heather Reeve

RT @Talkeetna101: @1120Eclipse @HeatherReeve5 @nathanf07232927 @NathanFillion I like 911. Not too hot on Station 19. I can usually guess wh…

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Casualty of CDC

@1120Eclipse @HeatherReeve5 @nathanf07232927 @NathanFillion I like 911. Not too hot on Station 19. I can usually gu…

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Jens Asbæk Sørensen

@munken__ @BLASTProSeries Også et fedt setup, især med CadiaN. Jeg elsker også at DR og TV2 ikke kører en magtkamp,…

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"The 13th LION Global Broadcast May 2018 Med El The Hearing Implant Company Presentation" : via @YouTube

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Pope Francis

Health is not a consumer good, but a universal right: let us unite our efforts so that health services are available to all. #HealthForAll

1 month ago

AARP Advocates

If you have any of these #PreExistingConditions: ☑️ cancer ☑️ diabetes ☑️ arthritis ☑️ heart disease Or many more…

1 month ago

Enemy of the People

@GOP @HHSGov @realDonaldTrump Trump better lower that price to zero because no one will have health insurance soon thanks to him.

1 month ago