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U forgot Nevada brothels MT @CBlackTX Lets tax ourselves into prosperity everything govt touches turns to gold! #USPS #Medicare #Housing ect

8 years ago

Amanda GOTSOLE1981

@kwright39 @MHPshow @cspanwj @maddow @NowWithAlex @Toure US spends $$ on this while saying that SS, #Medicaid & #Medicare are money wasters

8 years ago

Marcy McGowan

RT @edshow: Republicans Will Only Accept Cuts that Weaken Medicare. Tweet so we can share on #edshow!

8 years ago

Odell Abner Dracula

RT @keithellison: I’ll be on @thisweekABC Sunday talking how we can find an agreement that protects families’ Medicare, Social Security, ...

8 years ago

Draigh Lunara

RT @GinsburgJobs: GOP Takes Aim at Entitlements Calls for Bipartisan Support of Changes to Medicare, Social Security to Get Deal http:/ ...

8 years ago


@KnightBlitz it's always bothered me that seniors, especially those who rely exclusively on Medicare & SS generally support GOP. I think ..

8 years ago

Christopher Thomson

@ezraklein what about increasing age req for Medicare, medicad, and social security but allow ppl to access 401k accounts much earlier?

8 years ago

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