Mira Spartacus tweets

Tyler Korbel

If Spartacus leaves Mira, I will be so incredibly mad at this show. Ilethyia is stupid, just kill her! #SpartacusVengeance


6 years ago


Sura & Mira were the prettiest females from S1 of Spartacus. Body & face!


6 years ago

Francisco Javier

Breathtaking Katrina Law (Mira) at Spartacus Vengeance premiere http://t.co/tZXOkMmC


6 years ago

Mrs Hubieva

Even though I don't like Sura and I preferred Mira for Spartacus her death is so sad every time I watch it.


6 years ago


RT @spartacus_starz: Retweet if you believe Mira to be the most beautiful archeress the world has yet known. #Spartacus http://t.co/ItH873XM


6 years ago

Kylie Veal

@spartacus_starz I first had a crush on Gannicus but then Spartacus talked to Mira and that was when I had a crush on him too!:-D love both!


6 years ago

John Paul Huizar

@SaraUnderwood #Mira and #Sura, named after @spartacus_starz women on the show. They're fierce! http://t.co/LeecE2fh


6 years ago

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