Motorbike tweets

Tara Scott

Motorbike Shane, hesitate not

9 years ago

Monica Sy

@GeekyViper Indeed! @livisbrave has been desperate for a figure of Cloud w/a motorbike. I believe that sufficiently meets the requirement!

9 years ago

Louis Jones

RT @AddisonBlakey1: Haven't been on a motorbike in ages aaah noway!

9 years ago

Chief Kee ♡

Shawty red, she a rough rider. She get on back of that motorbike and all you see is back on that motorbike .

9 years ago


@BarsbyChris Yes mate.. A friend of mine sold him a new motorbike and car last week. He's stated 'he's taking a break from horses'

9 years ago

Ashli Malatek

At least I still have my motorbike ✌**

9 years ago

Sandra Tj

Accident: taxi and motorbike,outside breakfast restaurant :(

9 years ago

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