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@ItsAlexJackson Imagine all the things children shouldn't see. I caught a group of 10 year olds trying to get on a…

just now

Dec 🌹🏳️‍🌈

Overheard a group of teenagers talking about love at first site and my instant reaction was to frown. I'm getting far too cynical

2 hours ago

⛧Luciferi Baphomet⛧ (Daughter of Lucifer)

Join my new satanic group. The site works on mobile. #Satanic #Satanist #Satanism #Lucifer…

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@MediaLies1 @JudicialWatch Well I am not a collectivist either. I think for myself. I'm a conservative who doesn't…

2 hours ago

Kim #MedicareForAll 🏨😢

RT @PrairieWisdom: @shannonrwatts My brother(paramedic/firefighter) was in the 1st group of first responders with Littleton fire dept. to a…

8 hours ago

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