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RT @NeatVideo: Let's talk drone filming. 7QD As usual, prep is the key💪

4 hours ago


@uvacha_travel 46MPでISO8000とか12800は無茶です😣 Pu- reRAWとTopazのdenoiseAIは試しましたけど- 、Neatimage初耳でした🙄

2 days ago


まぁさらに本気出すなら NeatImageと言う専用ノイズ- 除去ツール使うとLightroomより高精度にノイズなくな- ります。

2 days ago

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Director @jayam_mohanraja once again proved his Capability in handling a remake film with #GodFather 👌👏 He studied…

5 hours ago

James Waterhouse

Warning - graphic image. In Zaporizhzhia, a huge crater next to a neat row of vehicles. Then you see half a dozen…

5 days ago

Dolgoch Productions

RT @SodorCentral_: I ain’t gonna complain here. Mario’s design on the movie poster looks good enough (realistically) when compared to his p…

24 minutes ago


@maya_caspper ooh is that where this image is from, neat :3

33 minutes ago