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Natalie Panek

Because one photo of a #BlackHole just isn't enough - another neat perspective of #M87 as viewed in X-rays! The cir…

1 week ago


@JSEllenberg i think the image is wicked neat. who is its author? that's a book cover.

44 minutes ago

Redheaded Stepchild

@RicepirateMick Also the fact that it can whip around is neat I feel like it’s a cool way to show motion /momentum in a still image.

1 hour ago

Victor Kohnen

@redlianak I just discovered a neat little effect on Google Maps. If you feel stressed and annoyed at the world, g…

2 hours ago

Why hello, hello!

@discordapp Oh, and before I forget, mobile does this weird thing where it doesn't post the images in the order I s…

2 hours ago

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