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haught stuff

RT @haughtbreaker: Its 3am and my brain is like "you know, while the late s2 uniform is nice for its own reasons and the s3 tie is nifty, m…

4 hours ago

Rusty-Ween 🎃

@BlueUmbriel Dude I do stuff from my phone with a nifty app, it’s really great for such a tiny platform. It’s calle…

5 hours ago

James Michaels

...and, as per my profile, I’m an investigator first, author second. So, without using any of my nifty PI tools, I…

10 hours ago

Tipsy Rose (a.k.a Ami)

@SassehPandah @TTVBusa Hmm hard decision. I’m going with a green screen since I don’t have the nifty stuff like th…

11 hours ago

Nicole Danielle

Dear fellow customer at the tire store, I get that you're bored and wanna watch stuff on your phone but please turn…

11 hours ago

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