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TMR Records

Fancy a bit of punk rock? Check out 'The Featherheads @ Brain Dead Studios' on TMR Records @

1 month ago

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This concept is mine. Glamour has completely taken my series & marked it as their own. Last year they briefly menti…

3 weeks ago

Keith Boykin

So Obama is to blame for Trump taking a vacation every week? It’s not because Trump wants to play golf. It’s all be…

3 weeks ago

Walter Shaub

The hypocrisy of this corrupt leader who has a giant lease with the govt; is considering using his resort for the G…

3 weeks ago

Peace Advocate

RT @iamUncleMark: Before my next digital Marketing class, I would love to teach 20 SMEs how to promote their products or services to targe…

3 weeks ago


RT @tariqnasheed: CNN had Victor Blackwell crying over Trump’s comments about West Baltimore, and it was over the top and extra. This is an…

3 weeks ago