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@NVIDIAGFN hey there, are we not able to launch the browser version on Safari on iPad anymore? Shows ‘unsupported d…

1 week ago


@AskPlayStation its absurd I can't edit my payments in my phone and you claim that safari on the iOS is an unsuppor…

1 week ago

Stefano Buliani

And Firefox is an unsupported browser? Do you actively dislike your users @f1? Who's the moron that made this serie…

2 weeks ago

Alessandro Canepa

@F1 Subscribed to #F1TV, live data and cameras don’t work. Chose “contact” on app menu both on #ipad and #iphone an…

2 weeks ago


@F1Help no support on Firestick through the browser anymore? In USA, every browser so far on firestick says “unsupported browser”

2 weeks ago