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Mariano 🎙

O R G U L H O ♥️ #ProvaDeFogo

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Skooooooooooooooooooool ↻

Tô te devendo a primeira coisa que achar, o que é? N A D A W C U E B E I J O L S K O L K A G Ç B C L M P Q X E U I…

4 days ago

ket៹ ᴮᴱ - BLOCK 2D

To te devendo a segunda coisa que vc achar, o que é?? T A P A W C U E B E I J O L M E I A K A G Ç B C L M P Q X E…

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💚 t h i s t w e e t i f y o u ' r e s t i l l s t r e a m i n g

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Dana Loesch

Telling people not to vote in the GA runoff will only had the Senate over to Schumer and undo every gain from the p…

8 hours ago

Dalai Lama

Just as we teach children to observe physical hygiene for its benefits to our health, we need to teach them to cult…

15 hours ago

Jake Tapper

If VP-elect @KamalaHarris shared that information she would be breaking the law. There is no world in which…

1 day ago

Chel Jamero🇮🇹

Train your mind to be stronger than your feelings.

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Misty Lavender

RT @Iawoftalos: rt if you don't mind your mutuals randomly dming you cool stuff or tagging you in posts that you might like ,, i wanna see…

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