Not Enough Eyelashes tweets

Abbie Mycock

Not being brown enough is one of the worst feelings in the world second to wearing no eyelashes of course

7 years ago

cambria miliani

"I should get her these eyelashes" "no. They're not big enough"

7 years ago


Love long eyelashes! But not enough to buy them lol

7 years ago

lydia xx

@Bastet1962 may pop today if enough diesal if not are u at eyelashes Tue or wed xx

7 years ago


I wanna go get my tattoo thursday but i need to get my nails,toes,eyelashes,eyebrows- ,& hair done!There's just not enough time in the day**...

7 years ago


My eyelashes are long but not long enough I want them really long & pretty (:

7 years ago

Ashleigh Lomas

Officially qualified to do eyelashes, due to the fact I'm not quite fast enough yet I will be charging £30 for the next 6 weeks! Call me :)

7 years ago

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