Now Tv tweets

Tonisha Lopes

Everything that I don't want to watch us on tv right now...

7 years ago


Why Chris Why?! Stop ruining songs and get off my tv screen NOW! #XFactor #XFactorSemiFinal

7 years ago


I've just broadcasted a video. Please watch it now! (11:56pm)

7 years ago

Lucy Makepeace

Get off my TV now !

7 years ago

big shaun

RT @hannahkaske11: Now MTV is having a show about HIV. Whatever happened to Music tv?

7 years ago


@nattty_icee haahaha I'm geekin at my tv right now ! I knew youd like them

7 years ago


Hello it's Freya, I'm just checking on you, I must go now, see you in the morning mum I'm going fast asleep in a minute I am watching tv

7 years ago

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