Offshore tweets

Sophie taylor

Dad's gone offshore:-(..

10 years ago


@stavangi1 they all do insider trading is what it is all about no of them,their families R poor &it's all offshore only smart w/their money

10 years ago

Julio Esteban

Obviously raymond james was a rich ww2 vet who built the football stadium with his offshore ww2 riches.

10 years ago

Jeff Downey

Obama Interior Dept: Full steam ahead with the offshore wind farms | CowboyByte via @sharethis

10 years ago

Frelie™ Mac 

morning..morning..!!! standby for shifting.. breakfast first... (at MV. Christina Tide, Loyang Offshore Supply Base) —

10 years ago

p.h. balanced films

Concern re jobs moving #offshore pertains to #animation field too. Panel suggests #USG should pay attn. #labor #WIFTISummit #createlocal

10 years ago

Denis Kinsella

RT @Jackthelad1947: #insiders @senatormilne Greens were correct Offshore Processing has failed. Whole world thinks its an appalling outc ...

10 years ago

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