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Old Man Dan

@dnapway @PeytonWXYZ Is that what the shooters in Buffalo, Uvalde, Chattanooga, and Oklahoma were doing? Protecting…

1 month ago

Weeb Pride World Wide

@JoeMagnus74 @WrogglesRevenge @H_a_k_i_m_c_h_i @andrewkimmel Back to Oklahoma City, Tim's improvised bomb killed or…

1 month ago

Don't Be A Gun ︻╦╤─

@Acosta @AndySpecht By design, corruption by law enforcement, and other officials survives due to intentional lack…

1 month ago

Marc Eliot Stein

This is the same hate speech, of course, that motivated the white supremacist shooters and murderers in Buffalo, Ch…

1 month ago

Robert Lowry

@aboutrc Rifles are the least used weapon for murder. Most shooters use pistols. The largest casualty count was VA…

1 month ago