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Emily G (not a newspaper)

I just watched Olympus Has Fallen and good heavens did these writers vastly overestimate the level of difficulty re…

1 month ago

The Onion

Biden Outlines Renewable Energy Plan To Invade Mt. Olympus And Steal Aeolus’ Bag Of Wind

1 month ago

Super Sailor D.J.

Ohhhhh boy. I’m so excited to sit down and read the physical edition of @used_bandaid’s incredibly popular series,…

1 month ago


RT @MatsuFuji_Photo: 2021/05/18 #滝 #OLYMPUS #kani- _filter

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2021/05/18 #滝 #OLYMPUS #kani- _filter

1 month ago

Latest tweets that mention “АКАДО-Екатеринбург - интернет-провайдер: высокоскоростной безлимитный интернет, цифровое телевидение, видеонаблюдение, помощь в настройке интернета на”

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