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Martine D'Amours

2 weeks ago

Ryan Fraser

Just for kicks.. here’s a 10 year price chart for gasoline prices in Ontario.

3 weeks ago

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Lana Del Rey

I know that we're living in a New Age with new nuclear abilities. I hope each country can find a way to communicate before things escalate

2 weeks ago

Michael Moore

To the streets! Find out where the DACA protest is where u live and SHOW UP! If we are ever to be a decent country, this is your moment.

2 weeks ago

James Woods

They love that cheap, illegal labor...

2 weeks ago


All these private calls l Lmfao LET ME FIND OUT

2 weeks ago

Canadian Majority

ONLY REASON #ZuckyBABY is WHINING abt #DACA is b/c HE EMPLOYS some of the (in his own words "cheap illegal-migrants…

2 weeks ago