Pandora Bracelets tweets

hali jackey

my Christmas shopping would be a lot easier if everyone had pandora bracelets

7 years ago

Chelle Da Realist

RT @OliviaConnerney: I think I'm the only one that doesn't like Pandora bracelets

7 years ago

Amber Marie

RT @hellokatlin: Pandora bracelets are cute, but not cute enough to wear. Unless you're like 45+.

7 years ago

Adrienne Castro

Pandora bracelets are so cute, I want one!

7 years ago

Iffyn Connect

7z5w0 pandora bracelets cheap a9j5 relieveget rid :

7 years ago

Chantel Cagle

Whyyyyy are pandora bracelets so expensive? ** #iwantone

7 years ago

Jonathan Harrell

Just heard an ad for Pandora bracelets at Jared on my Pandora app and I think I just figured out how to divide by zero.

7 years ago

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