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Melissa O'Rourke

BAM. Another paper bites the dust. 6 more pages, one more exam, and I'm out of this town. #funandsunhereicome

7 years ago

Victoria Poth

One Final down.. 3 more to go and a test and a project and a paper.. I'm dead.

7 years ago

Tyler Halterman

Stat final finished, Econ research paper finished, only three more finals and this semester is OVA

7 years ago

High Fidelity

Needs to get some more rapping paper and wrap my sisters gifts

7 years ago


Last term paper almost done and two more finals. I'm almost free!! Three days til I graduate!! @AntonioBrown84 #cueupu best motivation ever

7 years ago

Welding Chief

RT @ReusKj: Paper 3 down, 5 more to go. Lesson learnt never keep a seat for someone in an exam room, they might not come and you stuck w ...

7 years ago

Amy Hurlburt

Well. I'm exhausted. One more paper and one more exam to go, though. Lets gooooo.

7 years ago

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