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ah, nice, right on cue Fox News brings in Nazi memorabilia owner, N-word dropper, admitted evidence-planter, anti-S…

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Tin Can Alley

Last Chance! This Eagle Oil Can has bids & will sell. Rare #Vintage #Eagle #Oil Can Hand Oil Dropper Transparant R…

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@keeffer83 @trumpsEvil @RealJohnDennis @SpeakerPelosi You don't even know who the F George Soros is. A FOX name-dro…

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Check out this product 😍 Tincture - 500mg HEMP Isolate 99+% in a 30 ML Bottle with Dropper 😍 by Devils Lips starti…

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Eiric Skaaren

@BBaardsen @hsaetness @Torodin @GeirVoll @Glette @oeddep @NVE @HoyreTina @klausvogstad I møte med OED, så fikk vi k…

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An LA nurse was faced with a choice: rush into a COVID patient’s room to save him while only wearing a thin surgica…

3 weeks ago

Ryan Fournier

First, the Obama administration weaponized the IRS. Now we find out the Obama administration weaponized our intell…

3 weeks ago

Joko Anwar

McD Sarinah got a special place in our memories, but seriously @McDonalds_ID was a gathering like this in the middl…

3 weeks ago

Georgia Louise

I just find it so odd that theatres haven’t been mentioned? Like it’s always just cinemas etc. We still exist right…

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RT @macmill3r92: 6 years ago Mac Miller made the most creative piece of art and named it FACES

3 weeks ago