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chacha chaudhary

@Paytm @Paytmcare @PaytmTickets thanks a lot for this cash back you made my day.... #feelingawesome which movie/piz…

4 days ago

Richard Ajabu

@cbcnewsbc BC Ferries is a Gov't owned service. Why is it PROFITING $60Million a year? How about reducing fares? Ho…

4 days ago


Got in this taxi with a pizza piece, and the driver got out, went to the trunk, got a paper towel, and came back an…

4 days ago

Dr. Genevieve Guenther

@drvox Rent City Bikes and bike along Hudson River Park to mini-golf in TriBeCa. Play golf. Ditch your bikes and ge…

4 days ago

Michele Franscella♊

Taxi pizza Tenero: + di 2 ore di attesa, pizza non cotta e sbagliato gli ingredienti richiesti! Da evitare assolutamente!

4 days ago

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Jay King

At his camp, Marcus Smart just tried to take a charge on a kid running to the pizza line. This tweet is not a joke.

4 days ago

Grayson Dolan

Pizza jokes are cheesy

5 days ago

Doug The Pug

Farmer pug here to tell u that pizza IS a vegetable

4 days ago

FDM Hildesheim

RT @cibera: Eine Veranstaltung zum #Forschungsdatenmanagement in Berlin vom BMBF am 17. Oktober 2018. Vorstellung von Maßnahmen auf europäi…

4 days ago