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Stiv B.

@souljaboy Ehi Soulja I write to you but you do not answer me ever **How can I be like you?!? Ima big fan from italy #pizza #mafia #swag

8 years ago

eric ingram

@CasssidyMorgan Joke: How do you get an Alabama Fan off of your front porch??? Ya pay them for the pizza :)

8 years ago


@_Brillo : hey tht fan is makin my pizza cold ! @followback_JC : && your breath is makin me hot sooooo.... >>>>>> ctfu !!! smh

8 years ago

Shēhuá Shēnghuó

@S_KimaniM @WinnieJunee @Raphdilla @kenyaizm if dominos had kept up the thin crust, I would be a fan! PJ is rules the commercial pizza world

8 years ago


Not a huge fan of the cheese bite crust as Pizza Hut. The garlic is just a bit over the top for my taste.

8 years ago

steven lawhorn

I just had to kick a crazy Alabama fan off my porch or as most of y'all would call him the pizza man

8 years ago

Prescott Rossi

I wanted #ANARCHY and all I got were the two most insufferable fan bases in the BCSNCG. I hope the pain in my stomach is just Cam's Pizza.

8 years ago

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