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It's almost that time again! Fortune Cookie stream is tomorrow at 10 AM ET! I have to roll the first cookie though.…

17 hours ago

Glea Filzooth

oh i love about granblue is that most of the year where i delete my entire backloggery after forgetting to use it for 9 months

1 day ago

David Smith

@Varnyham Backloggery allows you to set your own rules as to what constitutes “complete”, but generally 100% is wha…

1 day ago


@DVDSmith Does backloggery make the distinction between 100% and complete? If so may save you some time later?

1 day ago


Julen kommer förmodligen inte bli riktigt som vanligt-tips: Det går att se människors wishlist på lite olika spelp…

1 day ago

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