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And what is your trolling segregated as? Muslim Wing, Kashmiri Half Wing, Loser Wing, or you are just an Emu, wh…

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Jeffrey Blackman/AustFirst

@emu_eternal Of course, why else do they kill their hosts after migrating or country shopping?

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RT @choruru_318: 今週末からいよいよゴールデンウィーク☆彡10連休のおともだ- ちも多いんじゃないかな?やまぐちではゴールデンウィーク中い- ろんなイベントを行うよ(≧▽≦)連休のおともだちはこの機会- にやまぐちに遊びに来てね(^_-)-☆待っちょるる♪ https://…

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RT @LaborFAIL: @emu_eternal @Bennodesmo @SkyNewsAust @billshortenmp Communism? I don’t want Labor or Greens. I think you’re seriously igno…

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💧Make Our Voice Heard

@faithlessnomad @CharlesSmithMLC @PaulineHansonOz No they weren’t. Do some homework man. Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe…

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