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ABC Indigenous

Murrigellas, The Black Olive, Clayton Donovan, Torres fam - Kriol Kitchen, Ray Kelly (shout out for healthy grub🍎).…

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Michael Chapman

@northernassist @northernfailz @NetworkRailLDS The timing wasn't the issue. The class 321 emu doesn't have or didn'…

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Simon Robinson

RT @RobGMacfarlane: Word of the #BorisJohnson day: “fissiparous” -- characterised by, or given to causing, schism, split, division & fragme…

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Teemu Aro

@beard_minis Well yeah obviously, but someone has to have educated and/or random/funny guesses.

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今までに経験したチームorクランほぼねぇなwノルマ達成とか- めんどいもん。 実績残して有名になれるとか正直1部だけやで。

2 hours ago

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