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John Pilger

One of the finest critiques of journalism, Propaganda Blitz, by David Edwards and David Cromwell, the editors of Me…

3 days ago


Pluto is most definitely a planet, say some scientists who argue that it should never have been downgraded…

1 week ago

Andrew Rader

Halley's Comet will reach its most distant point near the orbit of Pluto around 2024, and then start coming back to…

2 days ago


RT @puchi_nuna: ใครพี่ใครน้องอ่ะสองคนนี้ น่ารักกกกกกก

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RT @Rotiful_bts: 아... 남의 장비 멋대로 열어서 슬롯에 있던 고가 메모리 전부 훔쳐가셔놓고 다들 퇴근하셨네 ㅋㅋ 상상도 못했던 일이라 숙소갔다가 다시나왔잖아요ㅋㅋ 저도 님들 좋아하시는 경찰에 신고할래요ㅜㅜ @BigHitEnt

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