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Pamela L. Gay

Random Friday Factoid: Thinking about #ObserveTheMoon Night tomorrow, I looked up size of Charon from Pluto; it’s 8…

3 weeks ago

Quite Interesting

Aboard the NASA probe sent to study Pluto were the ashes of the man who discovered it.

3 weeks ago


It's the @PlutoTV #RewindOfTheWeek right now! Relive this incredible #IMPACT moment and see all the action on Pluto…

4 weeks ago

Benita .

RT @ShowerThoughtts: Ever since Pluto was declared that it was not a planet, everything started to go downhill.

2 weeks ago

Scary Halloween Name

@merystic I wish I picked other now. I think it's weird IF both of them are the same species. Mickey/Pluto is OK be…

2 weeks ago

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【商品情報】ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! Birthday Figure Project 津島善子をチラ見せ公開! 11月4日(土)より予約受付開始! ファンミーティングツアー大阪公演会場でも展示予定なのでぜひチェックしてください…

2 weeks ago

Nerd or Die

@StreamlabsHQ Project double rainbow is on hold for now... but we are working hard on a few others.

2 weeks ago

Chuck McCormick

Come along for a landing at Riverside Airport where a project was just completed for the rehabilitation of Runway 9…

2 weeks ago