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Tom Grundy

Reddit post on how a bulk face mask purchase was blocked due to political sensitivities w/the Hong Kong protests.…

11 hours ago

Ben DuBose

"The comments also rubbed certain players the wrong way, as they feel that Harrell’s post-game mood can be dictated…

1 day ago

✨leighton gray✨

okay so ike just showed us that in the comments of the brodyquest video, a whole bunch of people post diary entries…

23 hours ago

Uᴍᴍɪ⁹'⁰ | ⁷

RT @levanter_soty_: my uncle said he would buy me a lightstick if i this post got 300 likes,500 comments, and 700 retweets in one week (end…

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RT @rCrashBandicoot: [Reddit Post] Yeah bois he got what he deserves crash holding the game awards trophy 🏆 https:/…

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